STATE COLLEGE, PA – One of the newest marketing firms in the State College, PA area has taken the market by storm. Genesis Acquisitions, who recently celebrated their grand opening, has quickly proven themselves to be one of the fastest-growing and most sought out firms in the area.

With multiple clients under the company’s belt, and more vying to work with the Genesis Acquisitions team, the organization is on its way to doubling their size and production in the year 2018. As the team pushes themselves through the fourth quarter, Director of Operations, Dominique Ellis, reflects on how his company grew to be so successful and the goals he has in mind for the future.

According to Ellis, he has had an entrepreneurial spirit from as far back as he can remember. Before building the successful firm he has today, he dabbled in multiple business ventures and opportunities which fueled his eagerness for growth in business.

“I was introduced to business and entrepreneurship about 6 years ago and I’ve built many successful teams and organizations in various industries,” said Ellis. “It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that marketing became my passion and main focus.”

After starting with a firm in Harrisburg, PA, Ellis realized his potential for marketing and advertising and was quickly given the opportunity to travel to the Midwest to establish a new market for his clients. Within a year, he was promoted and asked to lead his own expansion project to the State College, PA market. With Ellis’ team behind him, Genesis Acquisitions has exceeded their projected growth by far and the team couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.

According to James Lynch, veteran of the United States Marines and Account Manager at Genesis Acquisitions, he is not only excited for the growth that he’s seen within the company, but also the growth that he’s seen within himself and his coworkers.

“My favorite part of this company is the hands-on training and coaching. Not only did I receive it, but I’ve gotten the chance to coach and mentor others within the company myself, which has been very fulfilling,” said Lynch.

Ryan Brooks, fellow Account Manager at Genesis Acquisitions, couldn’t agree more. According to Brooks, Ellis makes it a point to personally mentor his team members, which has inspired him to follow in his footsteps and run an expansion team of his own. Both managers mentioned that Ellis has strived to teach them all aspects of running a business instead of just the tasks typically associated with their positions.

“I think that when directors hold their team to high standards, it makes them rise to the occasion and see what they’re actually capable of,” said Brooks. “If you treat someone like an employee, that’s all they’ll ever be. But if you show someone how to manage and complete tasks that are above their position, it inspires them to push for more.”

After hearing his manager’s thoughts on his management style, Ellis was happy to add that there is great potential for growth within his company. The director mentioned that his clients are very happy with the production that they’ve seen so far and they’re begging to grow and expand as rapidly as they can. Because of this Ellis is eager to expand to more locations which will increase the opportunity for his team tenfold.

“I want to give others the opportunity that I have before me. I feel that it is the only way to continue growing at the pace that our clients need and reward my team for the hard work that they put in. We only promote from within at Genesis Acquisitions and promotions are solely based on merit, never seniority.”

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